Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church
Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Interesting Insights

Thank you for the many commitments you have already made to Peace Memorial, and for the one you will be making by accepting and returning your pledge card this year. Your pledge and contributions enable our church to continue the process of spreading God's word, and it will also enable the Finance Council and Session to better plan and budget the church's finances. When you review your pledge card, please keep in mind the many ministries you will be supporting. To name just a few:
  •   Our local outreach will continue to help members of our community in a tangible way with your continued support
  •   A wonderful music program will benefit from your continued support
  •   Our Christian Nurture Council will need your support for its new and interesting programs
The month of October is the annual Stewardship Campaign, where we  indicate the expected level of financial support for 2013. We do this by praying and considering our own lives at Peace Memorial; determining the financial giving we expect to make in 2013; indicating it on a pledge card; and returning the pledge card to church.


Planned Giving

Setting up or changing your will or estate plans?  Consider including Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church in your plans.  You can designate the church to receive a fixed amount, or a percentage of your estate.  Either way, know that your generosity will go towards God's good works through Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Why We Do This

One excellent description of ‘stewardship’ is:  God-given resources for the accomplishment of Christ-centered objectives.
In other words, stewardship is managing everything God brings into our life in a manner that honors God  as it strengthens our relationship with Christ.
“But each of us was given grace according to the measure of Christ’s gift.” - Ephesians 4:7