Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church
Monday, January 23, 2017
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Kelly Fitzgerald joined the Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church family as the Director of Family Ministries in October 2011. An enthusiastic and energizing addition to the staff, Kelly is leading efforts for children and families, including enrichment, education and service opportunities for Peace Memorial's youngest members.

Kelly graduated from Columbia Theological Seminary in 2010. She has a B.S. from Stetson University and continued her graduate studies at Florida State University in Public Administration. She has always loved working with congregations and felt a strong call to devote her life in service to the church. 

She isn’t a life-long Presbyterian, but was welcomed into the denomination as a youth… her church family became part of her extended family.  Since that introduction, the Presbyterian Church has stayed close to Kelly's heart. She was involved in Young Life ministry for a number of years in college before returning to work as a Christian Educator at Faith Presbyterian Church in Tallahassee, FL.  It was during that tenure that Kelly felt the call to pursue ordained ministry and began her studies at Columbia Seminary in Decatur, GA.  She worked closely with St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church in Dunwoody, GA as a Seminary Intern during her course of study.

She has a strong commitment to ministry which is open to all ages and stages of faith development.  Kelly shares:  'we grow in a community of Spiritual Formation – where we can learn from each other as we find our place in the life of the church – children and adults alike. Education is both caught and taught.  So don’t be surprised when the word, ‘intergenerational’ shows up on a flyer from the Director of Family Ministries.  Christian faith is lived out corporately.  How we live and worship together communicates the meaning of faith to the next generation.'
Kelly is a joyful leader in Sunday worship and her comfortable delivery of the Children's Message means that the adults learn a little something too. To reach Kelly, click here to email her or contact the church office.