Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Planning a Christian funeral or memorial service is never an easy thing to do. Saying goodbye to a loved one is difficult. People grieve in different ways. Oftentimes family tension adds to the stress during an already emotionally burdensome period.  We are aware of the difficulties and have tried to make the planning as easy and dignified as possible.

Planning the Service

We encourage you to work with a funeral director. The staff of the funeral home will expertly guide you through the process, from legal documents, preparing an obituary, choosing a casket or cremation, and many elements of the memorial service and burial. A good funeral director combined with a thoughtfully planned service makes the process of saying goodbye a rich experience that brings a sense of closure to the family of the deceased. The three we work with primarily in this area are:
Moss-Feaster.  Clearwater location by Belcher and Gulf-to-Bay. 
Curlew Hills.  Palm Harbor location on Curlew Road and County Road 1
Sylvan Abbey.  Clearwater location on Sunset Point and US 19
Most of us never want to talk about end of life planning. As a church, though, we walk with people through the shadow of the valley of death on a regular basis. That journey is made much more bearable for family and friends if preparation and planning has been made for healthcare and end of life matters.   We encourage you to consider making plans for the day when you are no longer able to plan. We hope you will let Rev. Bob Scott along with Peace Memorial Presbyterian Church be part of that conversation.
Click here to download "Guidelines for a Christian Funeral"
Click here to download "Funeral & Memorial Fees"


Officiating Pastor

Rev. Bob Scott may be available to officiate at the service.  Guest pastors may be invited, but that is a decision that ultimately rests with the elders.  Speak with the pastor about this. 


We have a variety of worship musicians available for services including, organists & vocal soloists.  Please contact Timothy Belk (organ music) to check the availability of the musician(s) you would like to use for your service.

Church Spaces

Services may be held on or off the church property. The main space used on at Peace Memorial is the sanctuary. However, for smaller or more intimate services the chapel may be used.

Reception Afterward

Many families have found that rather than going to a home, restaurant or other facility, a reception at the church offers the best interaction with family and friends after a service.  Receptions following the service can be arranged through the Chancel Guild. 

Spreading of Ashes

For members of the church, we have a memorial garden where the ashes of the departed loved one may be spread.  If desired, a memorial wall plaque may be added to the monument in the garden.